STOICH – rejection of pleasure – press kit

Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and artistry, STOICH transcends the boundaries of traditional hip hop, delving into uncharted sonic territories where musical evolution knows no bounds. This visionary project emerges as a collaborative effort between two eclectic musicians, DRUNKEN CHILD (vocals/lyrics) and XNDL (production/turntablism): to push the envelope of what’s possible in the world of advanced hip hop.

At the heart of STOICH lies a commitment to experimentation. Audiences can expect a rich tapestry of diverse sounds, intricate rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrical narratives. The project melds genres, fusing elements of electronic, jazz, dark ambient, and even world music to create a sound that is simultaneously avant-garde and accessible.


Led by XNDL, a visionary force in the experimental music scene, STOICH promises to challenge preconceived notions about hip hop. With an emphasis on live instrumentation, intricate production techniques, and socially relevant themes, each track invites listeners to journey into unexplored realms of consciousness.


DRUNKEN CHILD & XNDL share their vision for STOICH: „We’re not just making music; we’re crafting an experience. We want to engage our audience on a profound level, sparking conversations and emotions through our sonic expressions.“


The project’s debut album, ‚rejection of pleasure,‘ slated for release in 2024, serves as a testament to their ambition. Featuring tracks such as „mystics“ and „downsouth mexico“ ‚rejection of pleasure‘ promises to be a mesmerizing voyage that challenges convention while honoring the rich heritage of hip hop.

STOICH invites you to join them on this exhilarating journey of sonic discovery. Be prepared to have your senses awakened, your mind expanded, and your soul moved as you dive into the uncharted waters of experimental hip hop.

STOICH will release this album exclusively physically, on vinyl and tape (extended version) and are still looking for partners regarding production and distribution.

The album is available on 


All artwork and visual design by XNDL for SUBVRSV*RTS

rejection of pleasure - official teaser


We are open to collaborations of any kind as long as they fit our mindset and do not limit us as artists. We are also happy to work with other indie labels.

  • Sharing the production costs and the produced sound carriers (these can then be distributed themselves).
  • Affiliate marketing (revenue sharing per sold item like vinyl, tapes, shirts, caps etc.)



For press inquiries, interviews, or promotional materials, please contact:

In any case, the rights to the music always remain with STOICH. However, instrumental versions can be purchased/licensed individually for further artistic purposes after review.


6 Million ways to die, choose 3. Vinyl, Tape, CD, all… it is your choice and none of the three is the worst of your life. If you want all 3 versions you get a SUBVERSIV*REC record for free (while stocks last)

Projected shipping dates (depends on the manufacturer): MUSIC CASSETTE: 01.12.23 | CD: 01.12.23 | VINYL: 15.15.24


The images do not yet show the final artwork. Minor deviations may occur in the final product.

Each release has an individual artwork. Designed by XNDL for SUBVRSV*RTS

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