STOICH are an international Alternative / Post Hip-Hop project of DRUNKEN CHILD (Raps/Vocals) and XNDL (Production/Founder SUBVERSIV*REC.), which started in summer 2022 and directly one month later the first 4 track demo „official live bootleg“ incl. music videos was released.

Musically and in terms of content there are no restrictions, the musical spectrum extends from dark electronic productions to dub, reggae, jungle, Illbient, glitch but also classic boom bap, or soundtrack-like or pathetic classical sounds.

The first full album is expected in 2023. Watch out and follow for the regular updates and stories the Instagram social media account.


Rejection of pleasure [teaser]



STOICH – rejection of pleasure – press kit

Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and artistry, STOICH transcends the boundaries of traditional hip hop, delving into uncharted sonic territories where musical evolution knows no bounds. This visionary project emerges as a collaborative effort between two eclectic musicians, DRUNKEN CHILD (vocals/lyrics) and XNDL (production/turntablism): to push the envelope of what’s possible in the world of advanced hip hop.

Xndl – official live bootleg

After a break of more than 7 years XNDL is back with new songs, new equipment and more than motivated... For this new project with the name STOICH and the indie rapper DRUNKEN CHILD there are rather relaxed and organic tones, but not without an eerie and subersive undertone that you know for years from XNDL's productions. This release was live-recorded and mixed by XNDL. DRUNKEN CHILD just send him the acapella versions, he did the rest... After this recordings [...]