XNDL – 16bit

Another electronical and dark album by the Gunporn/Rushya producer and Subversiv*Rec. founder XNDL.

This 16-track album presents a huge spectrum of electronical/experimental music unbound by genre-limitations and influences from IDM to Broken Beat and even EBM or Wave/Dark Elektro.

This album ist mostly instrumental but contains 3 vocal tracks feat. SODA (Scheiterhaufen), ANCIENT MITH and BLEUBIRD and his alter ego XOX.

3 songs are taken from the RUSHYA / MATTR  split EP and also available for the audience who prefer the digital medium.

People who like dark instrumental music should check this record out.

The artwork is done by the OFFBEATERS member Chojin (Moonstruck Jedis) and reflects the music of this album perfectly.

1 Parasite
2 Resident Evil
3 Spheres
4 The Attack
5 Delicious
6 Mutation / Vocals – Soda
7 Dubstard
8 Silence
9 Obnoxious Excresecenses
10 Kill The World / Vocals – XOX
11 The Weatherforecast
12 Sony
13 Psychological Warfare
14 Wasted Lands
15 Into The Light
16 Gypsy -/ Vocals – Ancient Mith, Bleubird

Format: CD, Album
Country: GER
Released: May 2005
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Downtempo, Abstract, Grime, Hip Hop, Electro, Drum n Bass, Broken Beat
Artwork : Choijin
Additional Artwork and audio mastering XNDL
Limited edition 333