Various Artists – Hold Yr Tongue

Milled Pavement Records insists that you shut up for a minute and listen. Very Carefully. It’s “Hold Yr Tongue”, and, it’s not going to let you get a word in edgewise.

Milled Pavement’s first endeavor in to an all-instrumental release promises to leave you…speechless. It’s 16 tracks of globally-ranging, cat-got-your, rolled back bpms of smoldering hot fire. The music is Milled Pavement veterans, overseas cousins, and strangers.

Now sit, be quiet, and enjoy.

01. fbcfabric & reindeer– Bell Rings, Dog Salivates
02. Moshe– The Christina Song
03. dj extend– Hope
04. Roma– Love Song For Haters
05. Maki– Killing The Memory
06. Jani5– Find A Way
07. Desad– Deserve to Die
08. Funken– Blanche
09. Mnemotrauma– I’m Leaving
10. AbSURd– Untouched
11. XNDL- Repetition
12. Joel Simeus– The Nam Nam Dance
13. grovekingsley– Little Plastic Star
14. bit-tuner– Bellydance
15. Late Night Clouds Project– The Giffnock Hum
16. agent8– 36ms (A Soft Demise)