Various Artists – Goose Bumps Vol.3

44 tracks by almost 70 artists from far-flung corners of the planet sprawled across three discs. Genre confines and hackneyed cliché’s slashed to tatters, left to rot in the post-postmodern dust. Artistic collaboration and innovation on a post-global scale. Only one label would dare such a feat.

On June 30, Milled Pavement exhumes the third installment of its Goose Bumps compilation series, once again sharply delineating the front lines of electro-organic avant-garde music with a decidedly urban slant. Fusing a penchant for all things dark with such disparate forms as ambient, indie rock, r&b, prog, chamber music and electro, curator and label impresario Moshe shows a complete disregard for all things those simplistic conventions imply. In doing so, he has cultivated the most far-reaching, varied collection of songs in his label’s short but storied history.

If you’re looking for a soundtrack to your summer party, move along, unless your idea of a party includes wearing all black while digging through the dirt and grime of the global electronic underground during the wee hours. But if so, then by all means, pull up your hood, grab your spade and wait for dark while bumping this epic collection.