Various Artists – Goose Bumps 4.0

Throughout human history, the number four has had immeasurable significance. Our culture is littered with references to this notable numeral. To wit: there are four elements, truths, corners of the globe, seasons, cardinal directions, humors and temperaments. Hell, there are four blocks in each Tetris shape.

The auspicious nature of this number doesn’t end there. On August 31, 2010, Milled Pavement unearths the fourth and final installment of its groundbreaking Goose Bumps compilation series.

As the old chestnut goes, with every end comes a new beginning, and with this penultimate release of this global genre-bending series comes Milled Pavement’s fourth horseman of the pop culture Apocalypse. Amidst a cultural climate of being scene and not heard, label czar and compilation conservator Moshe unveils the last entry in this game-changing series of releases, signifying the new direction Milled Pavement is about to take.

With 66 tracks from 96 artists, producers and performers from every obscure end of the earth, one cannot deny this forthright statement of music’s present state, and where it will go from here.

Episode 4 of the 4 part series.

XNDL contributed a track called „doom“ that was remixed and re-arranged in 2014 for the MMXIV album with a new title called „brecher„.