Thesis Sahib ‎– Wartime Theme Songs For The Modern Ego

This Canadian MC (that means rapper, Grandpa) is out of this world. With a unique, melodic style of delivery that is probably best described as indescribable, Thesis, along with a bunch of Thesis Sahib grafitti photo.other extremely gifted MC’s, gives us over

40min of humorous, serious, literal, metaphoric, abstract, and poetic lyrics, laid over music produced by a slew of different artists like Alias (Anticon), The Mole (Motion Recordings).

Besides being a great rapper, Thesis is also a much-celebrated graffiti artist and found object painter, his works depicting abstract creatures that look closer to Picasso than to traditional grafitti art.

He also perfoms with Selfhelp as “Bending Mouth” and with Bleubird (Endemik/Gunporn) as the “Swashbucklin´Napoleons.

Artwork by Thesis Sahib & additional Artwork / final audio-mastering by Xndl (Offbeaters / Subversiv*Rec)

01.Wartime theme songs [ Kilgour]
02. Man [ Alias]
03. Theo Sasquatch [ Kilgour]
04. Fuel the fear [ Alias]
05. Summer of SARZ [ Timbuktu]
06. It´s our nature [ Alias]
07. Lady Bird [ Kilgour]
08.Diet for a new America [ Dexterdoolittle & Fester]
09.Ace hard [ Dexterdoolittle]
10.Tin man´s shoes [ Joe Beats]
11.King Friday [ The Mole]
12. Teen Idols [ Kilgour]
13.While were here/ home ( Timbuktu)

Label: subversiv*rec ‎– VK/OB|023/2004, Tin Men
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Released: 2004
Genre: Hip Hop
Limited edition 500