Project Mooncircle – heart on the right spot

XNDL contributed the track „tiefschwarz“ to this compilation by the affiliated Label Project: Mooncircle.

The New Times of Project: Mooncircle… “The Heart On The Right Spot” presents the mind through music coming from the heart. Meaning the truest and purest form of artistic expression without sacrificing the artform.

This compilation has brought together many different artist from across the globe that are here to get heard and together make a statement through their music. Tracks like “Kill The Music” from CYNE, “Mind Pollution” from Seven Star and “Dilligence” fromMathematik are more like statements representing the Hip Hop Culture in 2007.

“The Heart On The Right Spot” is a project of friends and artist a like, too. Acts like Lackluster (M3rck), Strand (CCO) or Antti from Styge Rec., Set In SandOmniscient and many more…