Project: Mooncircle – calderas of mind

A collaboration between Miami’s Botanica Del Jibaro and Dresden’s Mooncircle Project, the music on Calderas Of Mind brings together a vast array of artists from around the globe – with the likes of Soarse Spoken, Manuvers, Soloman Spectrum, Epstein, Seven Star, Serum, Miles, Livee’, and Climber, all popping up to add texture to the sound.

Underwired throughout with a light and buoyant sound, at no point on ‚Calderas Of Mind‘ does the music become soporific – preferring instead to keep the hip-hop ticking along with a smile on its face through a smatter of peachy rhymes. Brimming with Summery intent, this is the sound of bbq’s and lazy evenings, all topped off by a blush of sunburn…

XNDL contributed a track called „still there“ that was on the CD-Version (enhanced Digipack) of this Album.