CFX & XNDL – welcome to the planet of the apes

Another mostly instrumental electronical album by CFX & XNDL, presenting various styles from Downbeat to Breakbeats.

Featuring Ancient Mith , Gunporn (Bleubird, Cavemen Speak & Marcus of Stacs of Stamina) + Xndl`s , in the electronika-scene controversial interpretation of the Joy Division song “love will tear us apart”.

This album also features two instrumental versions of the furious electronical Hiphop-project called Gunporn.

The artwork and photography is by XNDL.

XNDL: decampment | dreams | wicked ambient dub bastard | 1980 feat. Ancient Mith | anti britpop cultura 4ever | the fog | safe and away feat Gunporn | rollin | love will tear us apart

CFX: bräik | one, two, step | project | crusade | searching for mr.brando

Label: subversiv*rec – OB|SV/006/2004
Country: Germany
Published: 2004
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Abstract, Experimental, Instrumental
Limited edition 111